Working 24/7

So all day I have been on my phone dealing with “working woes”.  Even though it is Saturday and I should be enjoying my day off resting and prepping my body to deal with next week stress, I’m on my computer putting out fires.  I rarely ever have time to turn off/decompress.  Working 24/7 is stressful and draining.  Usual I would have something insightful to say or an uplifting article to post but this post today just serves as a means for me to release my frustration.  After all, venting is one of the reasons why I created this forum. For now, all I can do is day dream about greener pastures when I will no longer have to put up with this.  I don’t know how helpful this post will be for someone but I’m hopeful it can and will help someone besides myself.

Big Girl


Welcome to my blog entitled: Working Woes

I created this website to be an outlet and a resource for those of you who experience grief in the work place.  As many of you already know, the workplace can be a pretty tumultuous/treacherous place.  You don’t know who you can trust or if you are about to step on a land mine.  The person whom you vent to can be the very person that is running into your boss’ office telling him/her all of your business/ “spilling all of your tea”.  This forum is a safe haven to vent your frustration without it getting back to your boss and or co-workers, and the articles will seek to help you get a better grip on the woes you experience in the office and how to overcome them.


Big Girl