Tips to become rich

It’s no secret that I hate my job; you probably do too.  I’m getting to that point in my life where I recognize that I need to work for myself.  If I’m going to bust my hump day in and day out for a job I can’t stand how much more rewarding would it be to bust my hump for myself.  Think about it.  Anyways……the author in this article talks about the five ways to become rich.  Anytime, I read an article I always look at it from a very objective point of view.  Does it make sense? Do I agree with the content based the examples provided?  I think this author is on to something and I couldn’t agree more.  I too like many others out there who aspire for something greater am on my own path to achieving bigger and better so I don’t stay stuck.  I think as a person you should always grow and evolve into a better version of you.  Comfort zones and stagnation should scare you because you will never grow and or evolve if you choose to stay exactly where you are at.  Anyways enough of this psycho babble, I hope you enjoy the article as much as I did.

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Teachers Leaving Profession

Although I’m not a teacher, I felt compelled to share this article on why teachers are leaving the profession.  After all, the blog is a “solace for the overworked” and that isn’t just limited to just one profession but all of them.  The article mentions the four reasons as being salary, student behavior, lack of support and testing.  If you are a teacher I would love to hear your feedback concerning this article.  Do you feel the author nailed it or are there other things to consider? If teachers are leaving, where does that leave the younger generation? YIKES.

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Another rough day at the office

Let me start off by saying that since I woke up today, I have had a splitting headache that won’t quit.  Reason why……..job stress.  I was hoping today would be a quiet peaceful kind of day especially since it’s the weekend; however, I have been putting out fires and on my phone for most of the day.  I think to myself, is this really worth the aggravation?  The simple answer is no.  I drive myself crazy for an organization where I’m not appreciated or properly compensated for the amount of time I put in. Entrepreneurship looks better and better as time goes on.  Don’t get me wrong, entrepreneurship is far from easy, but if you are going to be stressed out and aggravated about something, it might as well be something that you are passionate about.  That being said, check out this article about how to build a business why you are still working on your job.  Good read.

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Learn to take the Good with the Bad

Today was one of those days where, I actually had a good day.  Maybe the stars were aligned just right or maybe I had had so many bad days, I was naturally due for a good day.  To be honest, on most days, I just want to walk into my boss’ office and tell her that I quit, but today my glass was half full rather than half empty.  I guess I just have to learn to take the good, with  the bad.  I could use a lot more good days moving forward but for now I guess I just have to take it one day at a time.

I have attached an article to this post that has tips on turning your bad day in the workplace around.  Enjoy and let me know if it was helpful.


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